FAREAST 28R World Championship NOTICE OF RACE



The Organizing Authority (OA) is the International Fareast 28R Class Association, Chinese Yachting Association, Yunnan Province Sports Bureau and Yuxi Municipal People’s Government.



2.1 This Regatta shall be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2017‐2020.

2.2 The International FAREAST 28R Class Rules, this Notice of Race, the Sailing Instructions and any amendments thereto. 

2.3 All competitors are required to wear a life jacket or other adequate personal floatation device while racing. RRS 40 is changed as follows: The “Y” flag will not be displayed.

2.4 If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.

2.5 No national authority prescriptions will apply.

2.6 The official language for the event will be English.



3.1 Advertising shall only be displayed in accordance with Regulation 20 – World Sailing Advertising Code.

3.2 Boats shall be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the Organizing Authority.




4.1. The Regatta is open only to boats of International FAREAST 28R Class.

4.2. All boat owners or drivers (chartered boats), shall be registered FAREAST 28R class members in good standing.

4.3. All boats shall carry a World Sailing One-Design class plaque. This might be purchased from FE28RICA.

4.4. Eligible boats may enter by completing the online entry form at  www.fareast28R.com/worlds2018 and paying the required fee after confirmation from Organizing Authority and no later than 31st July, 2018. An entry shall not be considered complete until the entry form is completed and the entry fee paid.

4.5. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Organizing Authority and will be subject to a late fee.



5.1. The entry fee before 31st August 2018 is USD 800 or CNY 5, 000 or equivalent amount. The entry fee includes launching and hauling the boat out/in the water, trailer parking, event gift package, welcome party and after Sail parties.

5.2. If an entry is accepted by the Organizing Authority after the deadline of 31st August 2018, the late entry fee will be USD 1, 200 or CNY 7, 500 or equivalent amount.

5.3. Retirement. The entry fee shall not be refunded after payment finished even the competitors will not show up in the event.

5.4. Payment Account details: 

l   For Chinese currency (CNY)

Bank name: China Merchants Bank Kunming Jinxing Branch

Beneficiary name: Yunnan Yunhu Water Sports Co., Ltd

Bank account No.: 871903968810201

l   For United States currency (USD)

Bank details will be published later on www.fareast28R.com. 

5.5. Entries will not be valid until payment is received and confirmed by the OA.



6.1. Dates and Events:


Monday 8th 

09:00‐17:00 Boat collection by drawing lots, measurement, launching & registration (times tbd)


Tuesday 9th 

09:00‐17:00 Boat collection by drawing lots, measurement, launching & registration (times tbd) 

16:00-17:00 Press Conference


Wednesday 10th    9:00‐12:00 Registration 15:00 Tune-Up Race

19:00 Opening, Welcome Party (drinks & food)


Thursday 11th 

9:30 Skippers Meeting

11:00 First race out of 3

17:30 After Sail Party with food and drinks


Friday 12th 

11:00 First race out of 3

17:30 After Sail Party with food and drinks


Saturday 13th 

11:00 First race out of 3

17:30 After Sail Party with food and drinks


Sunday 14th 

11:00 First race out of 2

TBD Price giving & Closing ceremony 

17:00 ‐> Returning charter boats


6.2 No more than four races may be sailed on any race day. One extra race per day may be sailed, provided that the regatta becomes no more than one race ahead of schedule.

6.3 The target is to finish total 11 races.

6.4 No warning signal for a race will be made after 14:00 on Sunday.

6.5 In the case of one or more general recall(s) when the initial warning signal was made prior to the times in 6.3, the race committee may display subsequent warning signals after that time.



7.1 Eligible boats shall register with the Organizing Authority during the times shown in NOR 6.1.

7.2 All boats will be measured for compliance with World Sailing measurement regulations and class rules.

7.3 All boats must be available for measurement during the times shown in NOR 6.1. It is the intention of the organizing authority to schedule measurement times for each boat.

7.4 Competitors shall be allocated a date and time for weighing of the boat, crew and sail measurement. All boats shall be made available accompanied by two team representatives  during their scheduled boat weighing and sail measurement operations.

7.5 All registration formalities, including payment of all Class and event fees, boat and crew weight measurement, sail measurement, and submission of liability waivers, are required to be completed by 1700 on Tuesday, 9th October 2018.

7.6 During competition, any boat or crew, may be subject to re‐measurement or examination at any time.

7.7 After measurement until completion of racing, no sail shall be re‐cut or altered, except that repairs to sails pursuant to all applicable rules are permissible only upon written approval of the chief measurer. All such sails may be subject to re‐measurement on completion of repairs.

7.8 Technical and measurement issues will be decided by the international jury upon the recommendation of the class representative and/or chief measurer appointed by the IFE28RICA.



8.1 The organizing committee will supply charter boats of complete Fareast 28R complying with International Fareast 28R Class Rule. The charter boat will include hull complete and necessary fittings, mast set, sails, electric outboard engine, sail number and country code, and mandatory equipment as required by class rule – Section C, conditions for racing (excluding items mentioned below on 8.2).

8.2 The competitors / each team shall prepare and wear personal flotation devices for all crews on board, operational VHF radio, and emergency fist aid kit.

8.3 Boat charter fee is USD 3, 000 or CNY 20, 000 per boat including items mentioned in 8.1. The boat charter fee will be USD 2, 000 or CNY 15, 000 per boat without sails. The sailors are allowed to bring their own sails.

8.4 Damage deposit is USD 1, 500 or CNY 10, 000. In case of any damages on hull or boat fittings lost, the competitor shall compensate upon invoice issued by repairer. The damage deposit shall be fully refunded with interests free upon returning with no any boat damages after the event .

8.5 Charter period will start from 8th to 14th October 2018.

8.6 The boat charter fee will not be refunded after payment finished even the competitors will not shown up in the event.



The Sailing Instructions will be available at registration, and on the regatta website  www.fareast28R.com/worlds2018.



10.1 Courses will be described in the sailing instructions.

10.2 The courses to be sailed will be windward/leeward.

10.3 The intended race area will be at the east coast of Yidu Bay, Fuxian Lake, Yuxi city, Yunnan   

province, China.



11.1 The Low Point Scoring System, Appendix A4, will be used except as modified below.

11.2 When 6 or more races are completed a boat’s worst score will be discarded.

11.3 Four races are required to constitute a World Championship.



12.1 An international jury will be appointed in accordance with Appendix N.

12.2 Decisions of the jury will be final as provided in RRS 70.5.



13.1 All boats must carry a marine band VHF receiver capable of receiving normal International channels. Boats must use the radio to report retirement from racing and may use the radio to request assistance in an emergency. No other transmissions are permitted by competing yachts during each racing day from the first warning signal until the end of the last race of the day.

13.2 The race committee may use the radio to advise competitors of race information.


By entering this regatta, the owner (or charterer) and crew members on competing boats grant at no cost the absolute right and permission to use their names, voices, images, likenesses, and biographical material, as well as representations of their yacht in any media (including television, print and internet), to the FAREAST 28R Class Association, hosting club and event sponsors.



Competitors shall participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk (see Rule 4, DECISION TO RACE). The organizing authority does not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with, prior to, during, or after the regatta.



16.1 The World Championship Trophy will be awarded to the overall winner.

16.2 Additional trophies may be awarded at the discretion of the Organizing Authority.



17.1 The safety of a boat and her entire management during the event shall be the sole inescapable responsibility of the owner/boat charterer’s representative. 

17.2 The boat is required to hold adequate and effective insurance including the third-party insurance of minimum cover of USD 160, 000 or CNY 1, 000, 000 per incident and such insurance shall be valid during the event and in the race venue area. The organizing committee will provide insurance for all charter boats.

17.3 Each competitor and crew onboard shall hold adequate and effective personal accidental insurance of minimum cover of USD 500, 000 or CNY 3, 000, 000 per incident. Such insurance shall be valid during the event and in the race venue area. Such insurance evidence shall be presented to the Organizing Authority when registration.

17.4 On-site insurance purchasing is available upon registration at the regatta office. The cost for this event will be CNY 175 per person or USD 30 however the maximum coverage is CNY 500, 000 or USD 70, 000 per person per incident according to local laws and regulations. For the sake of purchasing and payment convenience, the participants are recommended to provide name list, ID number as well as payment to the Organizing Authority ahead of opening of the event. The Organizing Authority will purchase the insurance on behalf.



The Organizing Authority may change the Notice of Race; see rule 89.2(a). Any such changes will be posted on the regatta web site www.fareast28R.com/worlds2018.




For further information please contact 

Regatta@fareast28R.com, or visit www.fareast28R.com.


International Charter Boat Coordinator 

Mr. Mats Runström


+46 70 7478866


Chinese Charter Boat Coordinator

Mr. Wang Lukun


+86 186 1677 1471



l   Kunming Changshui International Airport is the nearest airport which is 70 kms away ( 1.5 hour driving if no heavy traffic) to the race venue at Fuxian Lake. The airport IATA code is KMG.

l   Free transportation is available between KMG airport to the race venue/ hotel, subject to organizer’s schedule.

l   Free daily transportation is available between race venue and hotel, subject to organizer’s schedule. 


Recommended hotels will be published soon on www.fareast28R.com.